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Specialty Dental Services

Specialized Care in your Carlisle Dental Office

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Specialized Dental Services Under one Roof

Having to coordinate your schedule around being referred to a specialist can be a hassle. The Brookwood Dental Care team respects your life and your schedule, so this doesn’t have to be a problem! With our advanced training and technology, we are able to complete these specialized services within our Carlisle dental office. No more running from one doctor to another just to have your treatments completed.

Quality Care Performed by Qualified Doctors

Our doctors understand that advanced training and a focus on continuing education is the key to being able to provide these specialized services to our Carlisle patients. Complacency is not part of Brookwood Dental Care’s vocabulary, and that is obvious in the level of experience and knowledge we bring to the dental field. Our patients benefit from our advanced dental technology and yearly advanced education courses and training.

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes when your smile needs dental work such as a restoration, you simply don’t have enough healthy enamel to support it. This is a good opportunity to consider the benefits of crown lengthening. Our doctors can reshape and sculpt your gums and bone tissue to create a stable base to start your restorations. When used as a cosmetic treatment, crown lengthening is extremely helpful in creating a more even smile that’s aesthetically pleasing and healthy. You’ll have less of a “gummy” smile and a more confident, toothy grin you’ll always feel comfortable showing off. Think this cosmetic option sounds right for you? Let us know you’re interested so we can discuss your custom treatment options.


Forget what you know or have heard about endodontics or root canals. We understand that you might not want one but there are times when you just need one. You’ll always find that the Brookwood Dental Care team is all about conservative dentistry, meaning we’re focused on saving as much or as many of your natural teeth as we possibly can. That’s why we may recommend a root canal for you. Endodontic therapy is the best way to remove any infection from inside your damaged tooth so that you can enjoy restored functionality without further discomfort. Most root canals can be completed in just one visit to our office.  

Oral Surgery

Sometimes trauma or extreme decay gives us no other choice but to remove a tooth or teeth. If your dentist suggests that you consider having a tooth surgically removed, it’s probably your best option to protect the integrity of both your oral and overall health. In most cases, a tooth can be extracted quite easily. Sometimes they require more in-depth oral surgery. Our experienced, highly trained dental team is able to perform both minor extractions and wisdom teeth removal in the comfort of our office. If your case is extremely complex, we may refer you to a trusted specialist.

Periodontal Therapy

You know that regular brushing and flossing is so important to help keep your teeth healthy. It’s also very important that you keep your gums healthy too. They are crucial to your oral and even your overall health too. Periodontal or gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and affects about 65 million Americans. If you experience bad breath, shifting or loosening teeth, bleeding, pain, or swelling, then gum disease could be to blame. Trust the team at Brookwood Dental Care to get your issues and symptoms under control. We can use a safe, powerful antibiotic called Arestin to help reduce inflammation and pain associated with gum disease.

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Preventive Dentistry
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