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General Dentistry

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There’s no question that general dentistry in Carlisle is extremely effective at fixing your smile’s imperfections. General dentistry typically focuses on fixing both the appearance of your smile and its function. Are you missing one or multiple teeth? Do you know you have a cavity that needs help? Have you been considering dentures but you’re unsure what to do? Start with general dentistry from the trusted team at Brookwood Dental Care. They have the experience and understanding that will help put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable – no matter what kind of general dental care your smile requires to get healthy again.

What is General Dentistry?

You’ll find that Dr. Micheal Sisk and Dr. Brian Robertson practice conservative dentistry in that they want to do everything possible to preserve and protect your natural teeth so that they stay healthy for a lifetime. But decay and disease sometimes happen, no matter how much you brush, and that’s when restorative dentistry is so important. Our team has the training and technology to rehabilitate even the toughest teeth, to give you back your smile and your confidence.

How Can General Dentistry Help My Smile?

Maybe you’ve lost a tooth or have a few that are broken or badly chipped. Maybe you’re in need of a root canal to prepare for further dental work. These things (and so much more) all fall under the category of general dentistry. Our state-of-the-art Carlisle dental office is equipped to offer you a variety of general options and treatments with a team you know and trust. All of our restorations are made of only the highest quality dental materials that look and feel natural so you can finally get the complete, healthy smile you deserve. From composite fillings to complete sets of dentures, Brookwood Dental Care has a restorative solution that will work for you.


Even with the most diligent dental care, cavities still happen. Don’t let harmful bacteria and decay destroy your smile. Take control of your damaged tooth or teeth with a strong composite filling. We’ll remove the damaged pulp from your tooth and replace any lost enamel. Your composite filling is a durable restoration that’s relatively quick and easy to complete. It’s tooth-colored to blend seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth, protect against future damage, and minimize sensitivity to heat and cold. Whether you need one filling or a few, ask us about how we can add them to your treatment plan to help keep your smile healthy for years to come.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

Sometimes it takes more than a filling to restore a tooth to optimal health. That’s when we might consider porcelain inlays or onlays as part of your dental restoration treatment plan. When decay has deteriorated most of your damaged tooth, a filling just won’t work. Unlike a composite filling, porcelain inlays and onlays are crafted from porcelain and are loved by dentists and patients alike because they actually strengthen the structure of your tooth while restoring form and function. The difference between an inlay and an onlay is quite simple. An inlay will fit neatly into a small cavity between the cusps of your teeth, while an onlay is larger and extends over the cusps similar to a tooth crown.


Besides fillings, crowns and bridges are probably two of the most common dental restorations. They’re experts at fixing damaged, broken, or deteriorating teeth. Crowns and bridges can even replace missing teeth. We always tell our patients that crowns and bridges are, by far, two of the most reliable restorative dentistry treatments available in dentistry. We can create a metal-free or PFM, tooth-colored crown that’s customized to immediately improve the shape and of your smile. With a dental bridge, our experienced dental team can use your remaining teeth to replace a missing tooth or a few teeth quickly and easily.


If you’re missing a few teeth due to deterioration or trauma, a partial could be an excellent restoration option you might want to consider. Patients often ask us if partials are reliable because they’re unsure about them coming loose or not fitting properly. Our dentists use the latest dental technology to create a comfortable, natural-looking partial designed to restore form and function to your smile. Your partial can fill in the space created by up to three missing teeth. Having a partial in place will help eliminate shifting in your remaining healthy teeth.  Partials are removable and allow for easy cleaning.


We know the thought of replacing a full set of teeth can be troubling. But today’s dentures are a restorative dentistry option you’ll want to consider. Thanks to advancements in technology and techniques, modern dentures are more comfortable and natural than ever before. Brookwood Dental Care offers full dentures featuring beautiful prosthetic teeth molded to a base that mimics real gum tissue. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your appearance changes and you regain function in your mouth. We always ensure a comfortable fit, so you’ll never have to worry about slippage or denture pain. Talk to us about how dentures can totally transform your smile and your confidence.

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