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Preventive Dentistry

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It’s so important to take good care of your smile because it has to take good care of you for a lifetime. For custom, all-inclusive general and preventive dentistry in Carlisle, look no further than the trusted team at Brookwood Dental Care. Whether you’re looking for a new dental home for your family’s general dental care, or if it’s been a while since you’ve last seen your dentist and want to start fresh, now’s a good time to talk with us.

Where Do I Start?

When you come to the office for general and preventive dental care, we’ll always start by evaluating what’s going on inside your mouth right now. The current state of your oral health can tell us what’s going on elsewhere in your body and provide a roadmap of where we’ll want to steer your treatment over time. Whether you’re an established patient or new to the office, we have the knowledge and technology to create a plan of action that’s based solely on your needs for custom care that’s personal and comfortable.

The Power of Prevention

So much of the dentistry we do is conservative in that our aim is always to protect and fix as much of your natural teeth as possible. That’s why we make prevention a huge part of what we do at Brookwood Dental Center. Thanks to our advanced dental technology and a highly experienced team, we’re able to assess your smile needs and treat any issues with ease and affordability. We’ll go out of our way to stop any minor problems in your family’s smiles from developing into something that requires more time and money to fix.


Comprehensive Exams

Our knowledge about all things oral health is comprehensive and so are our exams. Whenever you or your family come to the office for an exam, always take comfort in knowing that you’re going to get our full attention. During your exam, we’ll take a complete set of digital x-rays, conduct an oral cancer screening, take photos using our intraoral camera, and complete periodontal charting so we can gain a proper perspective on the health of your gums too. We’ll also be sure to take the time to answer your questions, talk about your options, and work on moving forward with a custom treatment plan that works with your schedule and budget.

Oral Cancer Screenings

It’s extremely important to detect oral cancer early for effective, sometimes life-saving treatment. All patients who are new to Brookwood Dental Care and returning hygiene patients receive a head and neck screening. We use visual and manual screening techniques along with Oral ID® technology to help detect any areas where abnormal tissue is present in your mouth. We can thoroughly screen your gums, cheeks, and other parts of your mouth that are hard to see. It’s important to note that both tobacco and alcohol use greatly increase your risk factor for developing oral cancer, but anyone can develop the disease.


Dental technology has greatly advanced over the years, giving us an even more in-depth look at what’s going on inside your mouth. It’s extremely helpful at diagnosing problems early so that we can fix them before they turn into a bigger issue down the road. Brookwood Dental Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to take safe, digital and panoramic x-rays of your teeth. Our team also uses Diagnodent® technology to detect caries or cavities not visible to the naked eye.


A big part of maintaining optimal oral health is always making sure your teeth are clean. This goes beyond brushing them two minutes a day, twice a day at home. It’s important that your family keeps up with regular hygiene visits too. This helps to ensure your smile is free of plaque and tartar so you don’t get cavities or decay. Our team uses advanced technology such as the Cavitron® Ultrasonic Scaler to safely and efficiently remove any debris or harmful residues on your teeth. You’ll leave with teeth that feel clean and refreshed and a healthy smile you’ll want to show off.


Your tooth enamel is strengthened and given better protection against cavities thanks to effective fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to restore essential minerals to the enamel and is just as important for your child’s smile as it is for adult teeth. We’ve found that adults who come to us with tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures also respond quite well to our in-office fluoride treatment. We offer fluoride treatments for children at every visit and optional treatments for adults. Talk to us about your options to find out if fluoride treatment is the right choice for you.


Do you consistently wake up with nagging jaw pain or a headache that just won’t go away no matter what you do? Maybe your teeth are loose or painful and you just can’t figure out the reason why. It could be related to something called bruxism or teeth grinding and it commonly happens at night while you’re asleep and you don’t even know it. Grinding your teeth can also be a side effect of extreme stress or a sleep disorder. We’ll take the time to assess your symptoms before creating a custom mouthguard that can help protect your teeth from further friction and give you back a good night’s sleep.


We never want to you to worry about feeling pain or discomfort during any dental procedure you’ve got scheduled at Brookwood Dental Care. There’s never any reason to be nervous, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us if you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Our gentle, skilled team of dental health professionals are certified in the administration of local anesthesia to help numb the area where we’ll be working prior to beginning a procedure. Please talk to us to learn more about how we can help you get the pain-free dentistry you and your smile deserve.

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies are the reason why a lot of patients call our office. It’s unfortunate, but accidents happen and it’s important to get the help you need as quickly and as comfortably as possible. We know it’s virtually impossible to plan for any emergency (that’s why it’s an emergency) but always know you can count on the team at Brookwood Dental Center to help you feel better fast. We want to help new and existing patients get out of pain fast so that you can get back to living life. If you or someone in your family should need dental help during an emergency, please don’t hesitate to call our Carlisle office right away.


Our doctors and team are always excited to learn about new treatments and technology. It’s part of what makes working in the dental industry so exciting and rewarding. Brookwood Dental Center is equipped with an intraoral, digital camera that allows us to obtain a clear picture of what’s going on inside your mouth, especially in places that are hard to reach or see. This small, pen-shaped camera allows both you and your dentist to enlarge and clearly see your oral health concerns in addition to what we find using digital and panoramic x-rays. Similar to the electronic thermometers your doctor uses, the intraoral camera wand has a disposable plastic cover to ensure sterility and comfort.

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Preventive Dentistry
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